About Us

The Canadian Federation of University Women/Yorkton Inc. (CFUW) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of women university graduates in the Yorkton area that is concerned with promoting women’s equality and education. For over six decades we have actively participated in public affairs through education, advocacy, and action. CFUW/Yorkton Inc. is affiliated with the Provincial, National, and International Federation of University Women. CFUW is a selffunded bilingual organization with members in all the provinces of Canada.

reading-2Historically, the Canadian Federation of University Women/ Yorkton Inc., founded in 1954, have been involved with the following:

  • Enabling the establishment of the Parkland Regional Library.
  • The promoting of kindergarten in schools
  • Initially assisting with the screening of films for the Yorkton Film Festival
  • Holding a forum for town hall meetings
  • Helping in the preparation of a survey and lobbying for a recycling program in Yorkton (national recognition was received for our efforts)
  • Preparing a resolution on the Sustainability of Grain Production
  • Distributing pamphlets to parents regarding the implication of war toys
  • Submitting briefs to the government regarding the following:
  • Matrimonial Properties Act
  • Restructuring of Public Education
  • Role of the School’s Task Force
  • Pornography
  • Commission on Medicare

Grad-hatPresently, CFUW/Yorkton Inc. awards scholarships to:

  • Grade 12 girls attending postsecondary institutions
  • A University Entrance Scholarship to a female student attending the Parkland Regional College in Yorkton
  • A Senior Music Student at the Yorkton Music Festival



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