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Projects Past and Present

Extraordinary Ordinary Women

The Portage Club also collaborated with the Winnipeg Club to produce a book about women in Manitoba. Biographies of local women were collected from the women themselves or from people who had known them and were collated with similar stories from Winnipeg in a book called Extraordinary Ordinary Women.

Several copies of this book are still available from the Portage Club.

Other projects have included:

  • The production of story sacks, a collection of fiction and non-fiction, toys and other manipulative on a specific topic for each sack. These sacks were distributed to schools and daycare centres in Portage as a literacy tool for primary school students.
  • The club has also organized and hosted a public seminar on genetically modified foods,
  • Sent thank-you letters to local food establishments which have reduced sodium menus or products,
  • Provided the local women’s shelter with alarm clocks and personal care items, and
  • Revived the memorial service for missing and murdered women in partnership with the local women’s shelter.
  • The Portage club also has prepared and submitted several resolutions for discussion at the national level.

60th Anniversary Project

For the 60th Anniversary of the Club, a 6 for 60 contest was held in the local schools. Grade 6 students were offered a prize for a 60 word essay about their favorite subject. Total prize money was $60.00 divided among several winners.