Safe Water – No Fracking

CFUW Black Spots - No Drilling - - Photo courtesy and copyright property of the Lethbridge Herald

Photo courtesy of the Lethbridge Herald

The “Black Spots” Rallies

In February  2014, CFUW Lethbridge & District initiated a number of rallies in and around the City of Lethbridge. We called ourselves the “Black Spots”, Black is the colour of oil,  and there will be a black mark on Lethbridge if drilling came to be.

Our group invited the community to join us in advocating against Hydrologic Fracking within the City of Lethbridge. lethbridgenodrilling (all one word) and many strong and  loud voices, helped to wake-up the Citizens of Lethbridge to this impending drilling for oil in our backyard.

In early May, CBC Calgary announced that Golden Key, a company based in China, made the decision to withdraw their drilling / fracking license. They cancelled their plans to drill inside the City of Lethbridge due to the overwhelming opposition from the Lethbridge citizens.

It was a WIN  for save drinking water and clean air for the future.

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