Projects & Events

Lethbridge & District Projects

The fourth annual breakfast to celebrate, honour and bring awareness  to the citizens of Lethbridge & District the “Famous Five” – Emily Murphy,  Nellie McClung,  Henrietta Muir Edwards,  Louise McKinney and Irene Parly, petitioned the Privy council in England to have women legally considered ‘persons’ and become Senators.  This event took place on Wednesday, October 12 at 7:00 AM in Anton’s Restaurant, Lethbridge Lodge.  Speaker was Rachel Herbert.   Rachel’s presentation was entitled “Ranching Women in Southern Alberta”

On October 18, 1929, the Privy Council  in England said YES to the petition. From this day forward Canadian women are now ‘Persons’ and can become Senators.  October 18th is acknowledged nationally each year as Persons Day.

National Initiative on Violence against Women:  Through out the year, members donate feminine hygiene & laundry products to Harbour House, our local Women’s Shelter.

We developed a CFUW resolution on Moratorium on the Oil and Gas Drilling /Fracking, and participated in local protests.  We played a pivotal role in obtaining 12,000+ signatures on a petition against fracking within Lethbridge city limits.

CFUW Black Spots - No Drilling - - Photo courtesy and copyright property of the Lethbridge Herald

Photo courtesy of the Lethbridge Herald

Advocating and working towards the Limitation of Child Poverty.

Host a fund raising event for Scholarships and Bursaries at the University of Lethbridge.

Scientists in School: This program was initiated by CFUW Lethbridge & District in 2009. It is an out reach program of the Ontario Scientists in School.  There are 9 qualified Presenters.  For more information about the specifics go to Google and type in Scientists in School Lethbridge.

Reading with elementary school students: We meet one-on-one once per week with elementary school students.  A very rewarding experience for us as well as the students!