Persons Day 2012

The “Famous Five”

October 18, 2012 — a small group of CFUW-Lethbridge & District embarked on a journey to celebrate and get to know the “Famous Five”.

The journey involved a limousine ride to Calgary with stops going in Fort McLeod and returning in Claresholm.  During the journey fact cards on each woman, prepared prior to the journey, were read and discussed.

Upon leaving Lethbridge the group read face cards on Henrietta Muir Edwards who lived in Fort McLeod. They stopped to view the plaque of Henrietta Muir Edwards that is on the post office building. Continuing to Calgary, the group read facts about and discusssed  Irene Parlby and Emily Murphy. The stop in Calgary was at Olympic Park to view and have a group picture taken with the bronze statues of the “Famous Five” (Photo by Bill Marsh)

Womens Group - The Pink Scarves...
Photo courtesy of Bill Marsh Photography

Following lunch in Calgary, the group travelled to Claresholm.  Along the way fact cards were read about Louise McKinney who lived in Claresholm.  The group stopped in Claresholm to visit the library named after her and to visit her gravesite.  The photographer of the Claresholm paper came to the cemetery to take a group picture and interview the group.

Louise McKinney - Famous Five Picture 2012
Louise McKinney – Famous Five Picture 2012. Photo taken by Claresholm Local Press

Returning to Lethbridge, the group read facts and discussed Nellie McClung; ate pink iced cupcakes to honor their pink tea meetings and prepared a news release for the Lethbridge Herald to accompany our picture with the statues of the “Famous Five”.