Charmaine Bonifacio

I joined CFUW Lethbridge along with my mother, Dr. Glenda Bonifacio. It was a way for us to volunteer together, despite our hectic schedules. I believe she saw the group had the potential to mentor and empower young women within their capacity.

As for me, I simply offered to help the group from my own personal background. First, I have had to assist many clubs and organization in website design and development that assisting in the administration of their website along with Liz Groves was very much welcomed. I also visioned the group to be more relevant in the social media, so setting up Facebook and Twitter was crucial; there we can share news and events related to CFUW to our friends and family. Next, I also helped out with the Archives, as I was fascinated by the historical significance of CFUW Lethbridge & District and its impact on the local community. These are many things that younger generations tend to forget, and one that I helped me to remember that the accomplishments of the previous generation are a gift to us now and one that we need to hold dear for the future.

As I became more involved with the various activities and events, I volunteered to be the Vice President and developed connections with the current membership. Although very much inexperienced, I am humbled that they chose me to become the 2017 CFUW Lethbridge & District President. I hope that the quality of engagement for the members will continue as we strive to increase memberships within the local community. I very much look forward to the kindness and mentorship of seasoned volunteers, as we learn to adapt for the future.

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